Airlaid Uses

Uses for Airlaid Paper Products: 

Our paper products are perfect for all manner of applications and industries, they are particularly good for use in:

  • Body Shops
  • Valet Companies/Departments
  • Workshops
  • Forecourt Services
  • Spraying/Paint Shops
  • Engineering Shops
  • Manufacturing/Fabrication Shops
  • Agriculture
  • Dairy/Udder Wipes
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Food Hygeine, Abbotoirs, Breweries
  • Healthcare including Hospitals, Nursing Homes
  • Beauty Parlers, Nail Bars, Tatooists
  • Print Shops, Construction & Glazing Companies


What makes Airlaid Paper so universally suitable?

Airlaid Paper Makeup

Available an imbossed raised surface with the unique Air Pockets which add to the absorbtion quality of the paper.
Airlaid Paper Makeup

Magnified to reveal the composition of the closely woven fibres after tearing.
Airlaid Paper Makeup

The densly matted fibre give added strength and durability without any stray lint deposits, making the product ideally suited to many applications.

Unlike the normal papermaking process, Airlaid Paper does not use water as the carrying medium for the fibre. Fibres are carried and formed to the structure of paper by air. This means that the paper can be used in so many different applicartion that you no longer need to buy single use application paper products, now just iuse one!


Dairy Farm Applications

It is approved for use in Food Preparation areas, both in the home or in professionall kitchens. It is great for general wiping and dealing with food spillages or any liquids on any surface including stainless steel, Granite, Glass or wood, it is hygenic and super absorbant. It also has strength so will not pulp when wet.



Schools, and Hospitals
This product is eminently suitable for all types of uses with schools, hospitals and Schools from water, paints, food, general cleaning and sanitation wipe down processes, the quality of the fibres and the duarbility of the paper means that whatever you use Airlaid Paper Rolls for, the job will be done and due to the absorbancy of the product means that you womnt be using as much as your normal paper product, so of course this will create savings on your disposable product budget.


Farms, Butchers and Veterinary Practices.
Due to the unique qualities of Airlaid Paper, it is ideally suited for using in conjunction with antibacterial products. So farmers, Vets, Raw Meat Processing and any surfaces that are required to be cleaned to a high standard with specialist preparations, Airlaid Paper is a product that will carry out teh job without and trouble.


Dairy Farm Applications

Working with Farm animals. for example Dairy Farmers, Airlaid Paper is kind and gentle enought to be used in conjunction with sterilising preparations on Cows Udders for cleaning prior to Milking.


It is perfect for cleaning food display areas or food preparation areas, typically like Butchers or Meat Processing areas or for other applications like Packing Plants for cleaning machinery or Bottling or Automated Food Packing assemblies where hygene is paramount.


The Automotive Industry is another strong beneficiary of this product as it ican be robust enough to be used in general cleaning clearing applications but delicate enough to be used on refined paintwork or finishes requiring care due to the nature of the surface or coating. Airlaid Paper Products truly are universally acceptable to almost any application.


Airlaid Paper is a pretty well kept secret but word is getting out, Sampal Supplies first took this product on at the last part of 2009 when it was an obscure paper product that was unheard of, we are pleased to say through clever marketing and a general acceptance of it's qualities, Airlaid Paper is now being used in so many different appications and has grown in popularity to such an extent that we are now delivering many hundreds of rolls every week throughout the country on a repeat order basis.


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