Airlaid Paper
Airlaid Paper Rolls

Airlaid Paper Rolls are so universally acceptable that you can stop using all your different products and scale down your orders for one single product that works in so many different applications.

Doesn´t matter what area of business you are in, if you have spillages to clean, no matter what the surface, Airlaid Paper rolls can be an effective general purpose wipe.




What makes Airlaid Paper so universally suitable?

Airlaid Paper Makeup

Available an imbossed raised surface with the unique Air Pockets which add to the absorbtion quality of the paper.
Airlaid Paper Makeup

Magnified to reveal the composition of the closely woven fibres after tearing.
Airlaid Paper Makeup

The densly matted fibre give added strength and durability without any stray lint deposits, making the product ideally suited to many applications.

You only need to use Airlaid Paper so no need to use any other type of paper rolls,

Airlaid Paper RollsBecause Airlaid Paper was first created for use in clinical applications, the engineering pedigree of it is to the highest standards so you can be assured that whatever you need wiping, cleaning, or absorbing, it will meet your requirements without adding extra cost to your disposable products budget.

Sampal Supplies have been supplying premium products for many years and have found that Airlaid Paper has been growing in popularity and turnover with every month we supply.

Most of the comments from first time users of this paper are very complimentary and this is further measured simply by the fact that the repeat orders are usually increased to a higher levels displaying commitment - not experimental use.

So, don't take our word for the quality of Airlaid Paper, try some yourself and decide if it can benefit your cleaning requirements.



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