Specialist Cleaning and Hygiene Paper Products for a Cleaner Solution

Sampal Supplies are commited to providing a large range of clients with the very best cleaning and hygiene products whilst still caring for the environment.


Want a hygenic paper roll that can be used for almost anything?

Have you had enough of paying hugely inflated prices for specialist paper products?  Are you looking to cut cost whilst maintaining excellent quality?  Do you know there is a product that can be used for all manner of specialist cleaning uses without having to change, adding costs to your operation?


Don’t worry there is an answer!

Airlaid Paper Rolls

Sampal Supplies offers you a massive range of top quality products each designed specifically to ensure the very best cleaning and hygiene at unbelievable prices. But we are pleased to announce we are major suplliers of Airlaid Paper Rolls, a truly remarkable product that can be used in industrial and clinical environments, form delicate hygenic obsorbtion to high powered buffing operations, from sanitary and veterinary uses to automotive and catering applications.

Airlaid Paper is 'Lint Free' and is soft enough to be used hygenically on Farm Animals and in Veterinary practices, yet robust enough to be used in more industrial applications like Engineering or Automotove Body Shops, both on or off delicate paintwork.


There are so many uses for Airlaid Paper Products that the list id too large to mention, but all you need to know is that the paper is super absorbent, delicate and hygenic, rugged and durable in most industrial uses.

Not only can it cope all these applications it is at a cost that will impress, available in single rolls or by the pallet, Airlaid Paper Rolls will serve all your needs.



To find out more about Airlaid Paper call us on 01773 741155 or contact us by email.

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